SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Rainsford-st. to Marrowbone-lane.

P. St. Catherine.—Usher's-quay W.—City.

1 to 5 Tenements, 2l. to 11l.

6 Gavin, Owen, provision dealer,

here Dickson's-lane intersects

7 to 9 Tenements, 4l. 10s.

here Marrowbone-lane intersects

10 Dalton, Mary, vintner, 9l.

11 and 12 Tenements, 9l.

13 and 14 Cannon, Edward, glue and neats' foot oil manufacturer and tanner, 70 Marrowbone-lane, and 53 to 55 Watling-street, 27l.

15 Bishop, George, rev. officer, 12l.

here Newport-street intersects

16 to 18 Tenements, 13l. 10s.

here Bond-street intersects

19 Richards, James, clerk, 4l. 10s.

20 and 21 Leland, Crosthwait, & Sons, flour stores, 30l.

22 and 23 Kavanagh, Jas. corn, flour, potato, and provision broker, and 22 and 23 Harold's-cross, 23l.

here Market-street intersects

24 Yard,

25 Vacant

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