Prince's-street, North

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Off Sackville-street, Lower.

P. St. Thomas.—North City W.—City.

1 and 2 Prince of Wales' Hotel, 65l.

3 Ryan Brothers, Post Office tavern, 36l.

4 & 5 Freeman's Journal Office—John Gray, m.d. j.p. proprietor of the daily, evening, & weekly Freeman's Journal—residence, Charleville-house, Rathmines, 40l., 33l.

6 Brooks, Maurice, stores of, and 4 Sackville-place, 26l.

7 and 8 Lalouette's riding school, carriage mart, and livery stables, 46l.

9, 10, & 11, Printing office of Alexander Thom and Sons, and 87 and 88 Abbey-street

12 Lalouette's carriage mart and horse repository, 12l.

13 and 14 Stores

15 Burke, Walter, merchant, stores

here William's-lane intersects

23 and 24 Cannock, White, & Co., 60l.

25 Ruins

26 Fawcett & Co. and 19 & 20 Henry-street, 20l.

27 & 28 Davis, Cath. livery stables, and soda water manufacturer, 18l., 10l.

29 Strahan & Co. cabinetmakers, and Henry-street, 30l.

30 Conolly, John, builder, and Kilmore, Artane, 18l.

31 Findlater, Alex. and Co. 13l.

General Post Office

Gate entrance for Mail Coaches

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