Lowry, Lowrison - Anglicised Surnames in Ireland

AuthorPadraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh
SourceSome Anglicised Surnames in Ireland

Lowry, Lowrison—These two names are the anglicised forms of a Galloway sept, Mac Labharaigh. The Earls of Belmore, Fermanagh, whose ancestors came from Dumfries Co., are of the Lowrys of Galloway. The name is also anglicised Lowrie, and, I believe, Laurie, Lawrie, and Laurison are other forms. A sept of the O'Lowrys of Pictish origin ruled in South Co. Down along with O'Mores, O'Lalors, and O'Loingsighs, septs of the Pictish nation.

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